Crufts2013 Results

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Inter_Regional Obedience
Thursday 7th March
1st North
2nd Midlands
3rd South
4th Wales
5th West
6th Scotland
7th N.Ireland
Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final
Saturday 9th March
1st Joanna Mayston
Mists of Tawny
2nd Nina Gooding
Tragility Shelby
3rd Victoria Prince
Temelora Passing Fancy JW
4th Christine Clements
Manderin Solstice Belle of Mountlochan
5th Alison Hewitt
Hewhiggs Blaze of Glory
Crufts Obedience World Cup
Sunday 10th March 2013
1st Holland
2nd England
3rd Wales
4th Belgium
5th N Ireland
6th Germany
7th Canada
8th Scotland
Crufts Obedience Championship Finals - Dog
Sunday 10th March 2013
1st Mrs M Ray
OB CH Colliwood Blue Jeans
2nd Mrs G Steadman
OB CH Nobite Defence Of The Realm
3rd Mr S Frazer
OB CH Gwynfair Classical Gas
4th Mrs J Duck
OB CH Tyefold Xander
5th Mrs J Taylor
OB CH Candlewind Force Nine Gale OW
6th Mr H Watson
OB CH Croftmist Sam The Man
7th= Mrs C Roberts
OB CH Bheinn Cuddly Its Dudley
7th= Mrs J Gould
OB CH Zakanja Bitter N Twisted
9th Mrs S M Tooley
OB CH Woughstock Wynsome Hartze
10th Mrs A Gresty
OB CH Double Jeopardy
11th Mrs J E Bates
OB CH Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me
12th Mrs S Beavers
OB CH Topeka Railroad Stitch OW
13th Mrs J Rowlands
Cabals Black Prince
14th Mrs K Westell
Coriecollies Jetsetter for Kajo OW
15th Mrs J Matthews
OB CH Croftmist River of Krismoss
16th Mr A K Puckett
Majabacus Billy Bombastic
17th Ms S Spruce
Dodgin Rags To Riches OW
18th Miss J Lewis
Pepsanner Atlantic
19th Mrs W Ferguson
Alameda Red Kite
20th Miss L Hilton
Jupavia Magic Dreams
Crufts Obedience Championship Finals - Bitch
Sunday 10th March 2013
1st Mrs M Thompson
OB CH Forever Magic Its Trendy
2nd Mrs M Ray
OB CH Red Hot Foxy Music
3rd Mrs K Ingham
OB CH Ruskath Portent Image
4th Mrs P Watson
OB CH Forever Magic Its Flicka
5th Mrs P Barnes
OB CH Bjeinn Bewitched
6th Mrs K Ingham
OB CH / WT CH Ruskath Othentic Image Tdex
7th Mrs L Rutherford
OB CH Colliewood Confidential
8th Mrs A Gresty
Canen Georga
9th Mrs M Cartwright
OB CH Dodgin Firecracker
10th Mrs M Warren
OB CH Cross Which Way OW
11th Miss M Newman
Myall Kanya Tri Again
12th Mr & Mrs I Northfield
Iatka Star Performer
13th Mrs D Watts
OB CH Zygdann Rockin Frenzi
14th Mrs G Steadman
OB CH Nobite Autumnal Colours
15th Mrs L Tozer
Whatknow Pop Tonic
16th Mrs M Vessey
OB CH Rodingly Silver Mist Over Fenellark
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