Crufts2013 Results

E V E N T   R E S U L T S


Freestyle Finals
Thursday 7th March
1st Sue Betteridge
Glenalpine Katie
2nd Richard Curtis
Syka Delic Darnser
3rd Heather Smith
Moonlight Magic Dancer
4th Richard Curtis
Washtog Wot No Legs
5th Lucy Creek
Dialynne Making Waves
6th Carole Dodson
Kinaway Doctor Watson
7th Ann DeRizzio
Stillmoor Show Stopper
8th Steph Rendall
Tiddley Bitz at Heartside
9th Ann Shuker
Splish Splash
10th Cathy Bates
Rus N Sol Ruby
Heelwork To Music Final
Friday 8th March
1st Heather Smith
Moonlight Magic Dancer
2nd Karen Sykes
Latka Spring Spangle
3rd Lucy Creek
Harriot Skiffle King
4th Carole Dodson
Kinaway Doctor Watson
5th Ann DeRizzio
Stillmoor Show Stopper
6th Pauline Goddard
Mist of Snowden
7th Sarah Reed
Beckim One Riva Diva
8th Kirsty Vaughan
Wildsea Mountain Pepper
9th Gina Pink
Our Magic Combination
10th Lucy Heath
Stillmoor Winter Sun
International Freestyle Final
Saturday 9th March
1st Jules O'Dwyer
Fjurdyhoeve Flynn
2nd Thierry Thomas
Ubac du Mas De La Rabeyrine
3rd Monika Olsovska
Arsinoe Z Rise Wa
The Slovak Republic
4th Yvonne Belin
Alice Jewel del Mulino Prudenza
5th Heather Smith
Moonlight Magic Dancer
6th Sue Betteridge
Glenalpine Katie
7th Xandre Dearden
Carnelian Friendly Finn
South Africa
8th Vanda Gregorova
All that Brandy Gentle Mate
The Czech Republic
9th Emmy Simonsen
Littlethorn Feet of flames
10th Carina Persson
Obetets Pop
11th Malinda Kerr
Dashing Dray
12th Nora Karlyik
Besevari Szivarvanyos
13th Grietje Wagenaar
Fjurdyhoeve Floyd
The Netherlands
14th Carmen Schmid
Sammy of Upsala
15th Karen McCarthy
Azzaro Lady Vienna
New Zealand
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