Crufts2009 Results

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Freestyle Final
Thursday 5th March 2009
1st Bluecroft My Blue Heaven
Tina Humphrey
2nd Ivyburn Bo Peep FS A EX
John Hickinbottom
3rd Kamarda Doctor Foster FS I EX
Michelle Dodson
4th Choxxstart Dream Angus
Lesley Neville
5th Borderlair Cinnamon Twist HTM A EX
Lesley Brocklehur
6th After Lady Karen's Prozac FS A EX
Karen Sykes
7th Cafcoll Brite Dreams HTM N EX FS A
Jackie Clarke
8th Westglen Ramblin Jack
David Purser
9th September Spice FS A EX
Kath Hardman
10th Runival Sgurr An Lochlain
Heather Smith
Heelwork To Music Final
Friday 6th March 2009
1st Bluecroft My Blue Heaven
Tina Humphrey
2nd Dance Floor Diva
Richard Curtis
3rd Moonlight Magic Dancer
Heather Smith
4th Iatka Spring Spangle HTM A Ex
Karen Sykes
5th Wildsea Mountain Pepper
Kirsty Vaughan
6th Stillmoor Lady In Red HTM A Ex
Kath Hardman
7th Gimme a Buzz HTM A Ex
Lynda Edmonson
8th Bordertown Shades of Blue
Kathleen Stubbing
9th Stillmoor Touch of Spice HTM A Ex
Ann De Rizzio
10th Choxxstart Dream Angus
Lesley Neville
International Freestyle Final
Saturday 7th March 2009
1st Bluecroft My Blue Heaven
Tina Humphrey
2nd Somollis Blinka-Bla
Frida Binette
3rd Dapper Dame Black Chevers
Alena Smolikova
4th Twice As Nice Van Benvida's
Bridgette Van Ges
5th Mutkis Onnensoturi
Sini Eriksson
6th Darjeeling's Jewel
Claudia Moser
7th Runival Sgurr An Lochlain
8th Iatka One Step Ahead Biba
Donelda Guy
9th Working Stock Adventure
Marleen Van Hees
10th Corsini Quinzano
Margaret Booth
11th Bridacre Wisp
Emmy Marie Simo
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